Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dreams? Do you follow them?

When you think about your dreams, are you pursing them? Do you just hope one day to be able to do something or do you make it happen? Is your dream somewhere out there or something you have made a roadmap too?

When I got pregnant with sister hubby and I decided that I would be able to stay at home with her (and later them). I have not really worked a "real-job" since then. I have spent all of my time being a mommy first. One of my dreams for as long as I can remember has been to own my own business. Something that would help the family monetarily, give me a little bit of a feeling of worth, etc. A few years ago my obsession with keychains came to the point that I started making them instead of buying. I now have 35 bottlecap keychains attached to my purse that I cherish.

After buying the supplies and making mine, several friends also wanted some. So Something Special Bottlecaps was born. My goal for my business is to be able to provide a little for the family, to help ends meet. It also makes me happy to work with people to make the perfect keychain or magnet. Never do I think that it will be a huge multi-million dollar business but I do hope that one day I'll be able to not only cover the supplies it takes to meet the orders but also to be able to contribute to the family monetarily.

Something Special Bottlecaps will one day be able to help me fulfill my dreams of running a successful business of my own as well as helping out with the financial aspect of the family. That is my dream. As for the roadmap to get there; I have a Facebook page for the business as well as a free-standing website. I get in a few orders but hopefully soon it will pick up a little steam and I'll be able to get more orders coming in. I don't expect to be making $5000 a day or anything like that. My realistic goal would be about $100 a week or so.

My dreams are not just something that I think about. Dreams only become realities when you pursue them. You have to work towards the goal if you want to reach it. I know several women how dream of traveling, doing this, or doing that. They do nothing but talk the walk and not walk the walk. I, for one, never talk the talk that I can't back up.

So tell me what is your dream that you are working towards. What are you doing to pursue that dream?